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Department of Dermatology

About Dermatology

At Dermatology and Cosmetology Department, Nepal Mediciti, offer integrated best services in clinical dermatology and cosmetology to cater the need for all skin, hair and nail conditions in patients of every age. We combine the most advanced technology and extensive expertise with an unfailing commitment to providing the highest levels of patient care.

Our team of dermatologists is capable of diagnosing and treatment of skin diseases ranging from less serious conditions like dryness, acne and allergies to life threatening conditions like skin cancer, blistering diseases and severe drug reaction. We equally emphasize on the prevention of the skin damage due to solar rays, pollution and exposure to harmful chemicals by conducting public awareness program regularly. Cosmetic dermatology is an ever growing medical field. 

About Dermatology Technology

We are equipped with FDA or CE licensed medical grade equipments for the treatment of unwanted hair, photo damage skin, freckles, age spots, saggy skin, wrinkles, scars, skin tag, and unwanted body fat.


Dr. Sanju Babu Shrestha


Dr. Sanju Babu Shresth is a renowned doctor in the field of Dermatology and Venerology. He is the Principal Consultant and Head of Department of Dermatology and Venereology at Nepal Mediciti Hospit....

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Dr. Uma Keyal


After completing MBBS in 2010, Dr. Uma Keyal worked as a medical officer in emergency department and intensive care unit for two years. Thereafter, she joined residency program in dermatology d....

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