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Center for Emergency Medicine & Pre Hospital Care

About Center for Emergency Medicine

With a team of internationally acclaimed Emergency Medical Services, who are experienced in aviation expedition medicine plus high altitude medicine, NMC has the very best of Ambulance services in the country. The department is equipped with ACLS Ambulance with Doctors dedicated support during the rescue procedure. The team is highly qualified for both Heli rescue & via road ambulances.


About Center for Emergency Medicine Technology

The hospital is well equipped with 2 Heli Pads capable of operating both at same time. For the very first time in Nepal, Decontamination Chamber & facilities for IO access are made available in the Emergency Area. Furthermore, the department is supported by 24 x 7 Emergency Physician and Dedicated Operation Theatre. Experienced in aviation & expedition medicine plus high altitude medicine. Mediciti is proud to have an established team in managing critical incidents of Trauma and Emergency within the Golden hour which is of immense importance.


The Services Offered


Dr. Sanjaya Karki


Dr. Sanjaya Karki is the Emergency Physician and Head in the Department of Emergency Medicine. He did his MBBS and European official double masters in health and welfare and has done his MD in Emer....

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