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About Anesthesiology, Pain Management & Critical Care

The team members of Perioperative medicine and critical care Department of Nepal Mediciti Hospital work together for a single purpose: to provide quality care to all patients. The perioperative and critical care team provides service in the operation theatre (OT) conducting around------- surgical procedures annually. There are seven world-class modular Operation theatre and a separate Obstetric theatre. The department’s services are not only limited to the OT. We provide anesthetics to approximately 3000 patients in Gastroenterology suite, for endoscopic and colonscopic procedures. We are one of the very few centers of the country providing 24 hours obstetric analgesia service (painless delivery). Anesthetic services are also provided at the radiology department for radiological procedures (sedation for MRI, CT guided biopsy, Radiofrequency ablation) and cardiovascular laboratory (Cath Lab) procedures.

Depth of anesthesia monitoring is an integral part of service provided during a surgical procedure. Ultrasound guidance is the standard of care for all conventionally blind procedures like regional blocks and vascular access. There is the provision of Scavenging system in the operation theatre to ensure that the service providers are also safe.

The department runs a daily pain clinic and provides service to walk-in patients with acute and chronic pain. Department aims for a pain-free and satisfied patient. To ensure it there is the provision of Pain doctors/ pain nurse and daily pain rounds to create pain-free environment. Department uses catheter techniques to ensure minimal opioid use.

Department aims to translate the latest proven practice to its day to day practice to improve outcomes.

Nepal Mediciti Hospital has been providing Critical care services since the first day of its establishment. Department provides seamless and integrated care for critically ill patients. The team of highly experienced intensivist, anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses supported by other health care professionals provide the highest quality care with the greatest degree of compassion to critically ill patients and their families.

Departmental clinicians are also responsible for the Rapid Response team which provide an on-site emergency resource for hospital patients who become clinically unstable.

The department is backed by high-end ECMO which is used in cardiac surgery and in patients recovering from heart\lung failure. Nepal Mediciti Hospital is proud to have Sorin’s fifth-generation modular heart-lung machine which sets a new standard for functionality, flexibility, and quality.

The department has the vision to lead performance management in perioperative and critical care in Nepal. We will pursue to translate innovative and quality approaches to provide the finest service fostering best practices which will be the benchmark to the international level.

About Anesthesiology, Pain Management & Critical Care Key Procedures

The working culture of the department will revolve around the following values:

- Patient Focus                                                                                          

- Patient Safety

- Credibility and Accountability                                                                   

- Collaboration

- Performance Improvement                                                                       

- Outcome Oriented

- Evidence Based Practice                                                                         

- Innovation

- Training                                                         

Family Support Key Components:

- Post-Critical Care follow-up clinic                                         

- End-of-Life Care                                             

- Organ donation and Transplant critical care services

- Skilled doctors & team in intensive care will provide comprehensive critical care services round the clock

- Implementation of specific Admission, Discharge and Triage (ADT) policies.

- Integration of Protocolized Care with Precision Medicine in care of individual patient

- Multidisciplinary approach of patient management

- Management of severe infections, sepsis, trauma, brain injury, shock with multi-organ failure, ARDS

- Advanced mechanical ventilator support and respiratory care

- 1:1 patient to nurse ratio services for ICU patients

- Availability of Early Warning System (EWS) and Rapid Response Team (RRT) services round the clock

- Infection control and Antibiotic Stewardship program

- Advance and extracorporeal life support, ECMO, Intra-aortic Balloon Pump (IABP), Renal

   Replacement Therapy (RRT), Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring, Targeted Temperature Management

- Point of Care diagnostic and therapeutic facilities like Critical Care Ultrasound and Echocardiography

- Dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation care

- Dedicated supporting team of nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, occupational therapists

- Seamless continuum of care to High Dependency Unit (HDU) and post-acute care in collaboration with

  different clinical and non-clinical departments.

- Timely and efficient In-hospital and Out-of- hospital transfer of critically ill patients in collaboration

   with EMS team



Dr. Apurb Sharma


Dr. Apurba Sharma is the Head of Department of Anesthesia at Nepal Mediciti. He has done his MD (Anesthesia) from BP Koirala Institute of Health and Science, Dharan, Kathmandu Nepal. Hospital. He w....

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