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About Renal Sciences

Renal science incorporates nephrology and Urology, both being highly specialized branches of internal medicine and surgery, respectively.

Nephrology concerns the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases and that of related organs, including electrolyte disturbances and hypertension, and the care of those requiring renal replacement therapy, including dialysis and renal transplant patients.

Many diseases affecting the kidney are systemic disorders not limited to the organ itself such as diabetes & hypertension, and may require specialized treatment as with acquired conditions such as systemic vasculitis (e.g. ANCA vasculitis) and autoimmune diseases (e.g. SLE), as well as congenital or genetic conditions such as polycystic kidney disease and cancers.

Diseases of kidney often present with acute kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, hematuria, proteinuria, kidney stones, hypertension, and disorders of acid/base or electrolytes, to name a few.

Urology focuses on surgical as well as medical diseases of the male and female urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs including the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproductive organs (testes, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate, and penis) often presenting as, stones, hematuria, UTI, urinary retention or incontinence, prostate issues, infertility, impotence and cancers.

The branch also concerns evaluation and treatment of reproductive diseases, particularly in men.

Nephrologist and urologists often, collaborate and work in tandem to treat patients with renal and genito-urinary issues.

At Nepal Mediciti, we are committed to kidney and genito-urinary health in an effort to improve the quality of life for all of our patients with the help of our highly specialized doctors along with the best of facilities & support staff.

The Center specializes in Minimally Invasive Urology treatment which ensures early mobility and discharge of the patient. When it comes to women issues, there is no dearth of expertise too. NMC provides the best of surgical and medical management protocols for every case that it handles. This helps the patient in recovering quickly and regaining past vigor. Intented to focus on Mens Health Program that includes sexual dysfunction & Prostrate Problems like BPH, Prostrate Cancer.


About Renal Sciences Technology

We provide and maintain the highest of medical standards with state-of-the-art and latest in equipment, and with a variety of procedures being performed by our experts, no medical condition or disease is far from successful management.

At NMC, a six-unit Dialysis center with full-recliners, a continuous monitoring system, central RO system operating at AAMI standards, and a team of highly trained staff along with a dedicated isolation-room HD for infected patients, functions round the clock to provide renal replacement therapy. Further, a dedicated Peritoneal Dialysis room serves to minimize infection during cyclic exchanges and the ICU, in itself, is further equipped for HD facility, right at the bedside.

The Institute specializes in minimally invasive laser surgeries, which ensures early mobility and discharge of the patient. Such treatment modalities are not widely used for lack of infrastructure and trained workforce, but at NMC, we offer the best, both in terms of technology, as well as, specialists.

Further, the institute boasts of a comprehensive and advanced treatment facility for prostate-related issues and for stone surgeries that guarantees a quick return to normal life. NMC also has a multi-disciplinary methodology through which it provides wide-ranging treatment for penile prosthesis, penile lengthening, and penile vascularization along with varicocelectomy. 

NMC also provides treatment for urethral strictures, treatment of the diseases of genitourinary tract and for the entire range of pediatric urological issues as well as those concerning women in particular.

We at NMC, are also, prepared for the future, with transplant-ready operation theaters and needless to say, we will, soon incorporate renal transplant services to our comprehensive renal care service.

About Renal Sciences Key Procedures


- Clinical nephrology with daily full out-patient services       

- Pediatric nephrology

- Preventive and screening nephrology                               

- Transplant donor and recipient evaluation

- Renal Biopsy and nephropathology                                   

- Critical care nephrology

- CAPD catheter implantation                                               

- Acute and Intermittent peritoneal dialysis (IPD)

- Plasmapheresis                                                                 

- Renal dietitian counseling

- Access creation AV Fistula, AV Graft, Perm Catheter.

- Hemodialysis (including acute HD, SLED, Extended HD and maintenance HD)

- Critical and ICU Hemodialysis- round the clock service

- HD in Complete segregation and isolation for HIV/Hepatitis-B positive patients

- Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD)


- Cystoscopy                                                                      

- Prostate and other biopsies

- Intravenous Pyelography                                                 

- Endoscopic stone surgery- PCNL, URS, RIRS

- Lithotripsy- Extracorporeal                                               

- Laser surgery for Prostate

- Urinary incontinence surgery                                           

- Uro-gynecological surgery

- Pediatric Urology – endoscopic surgery                           

- Male infertility treatment

- Sexual dysfunction in both males with females                 

- No scalpel vasectomy

- Surgery for Prostate, Kidney & Bladder tumor


Dr. Mahesh Bahadur Adhikari


Dr. Mahesh Bahadur Adhikari has been leading the Department of Urology at Nepal Mediciti Hospital since its inception on September 16, 2017, as the Principal Consultant and Head of the Departm....

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Dr. Bipin Maharjan


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