Obstetric services

Obstetric services

Obstetric services

1. Preconception counselling

2. Antenatal services- routine antenatal services, prenatal exercises for expectant couple, care for

medical disorders in pregnancy, Management of antenatal complications

3. Antenatal fetal surveillance

4. Intrapartum continuous fetal monitoring services

5. Intrapartum complications management

6. Delivery services -induced /spontaneous

          a. Painless vaginal delivery

          b. Normal vaginal delivery

          c. Instrumental vaginal delivery

          d. Caesarean delivery (emergency/ elective)

7. Facility for neonatal care including NICU care

8. High risk pregnancy and its management

9. Maternal intensive care unit (Obstetric critical care unit)

10. Postnatal care and breast feeding support services

11. Specialized services

          a. Fetal anomaly scan (2D/3D/4D)

          b. Fetal echocardiography,

          c. Screening for Down’s syndrome

          d. Genetic screening tests