Ms. Prachi Jain

Ms. Prachi Jain is currently Chief Clinical Nutritionist and Head of  Department , Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at Nepal Mediciti. She graduated from C.C.S. University, India. Therafter, she completed her Masters in Food & Nutrition from C.C.S. University, India.

She is a Life -Member of IDA (INDIAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION). She has Clinical experience in many well known Indian corporate NABH accreditated hospitals namely Fortis Heathcare Ltd Delhi NCR, Max Heathcare Ltd Delhi NCR and Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru. She received many appreciations while practicing in hospitals from patients and also she received Super Star Employee Award in Fortis Healthcare Ltd.

She has been intrumental in starting In- Patient Food services in Nepal Mediciti Hospital which is a first of its kind in Nepal. She manages the IPD and OPD operations very deftly.

She has actively participated in many Heath Camps, and has been invited as Speaker in  CMEs and Workshops on therapeutic diet and life style modifications.

She is a specialist in therapeutic consultation on:

Weight Reduction

Weight Gain

Diabetic Diet

Low Fat , Low Cholesterol , High Fiber Diet

Renal Diseases

Diet During Dialysis

Liver Diseases




Gestational Diabetes


Diet for low Vit K / Warfarin Diet

Iron Rich Diet (Anaemia)

Cows Milk Allergy Diet.

Diet in Celiac Diseases / Gluten Allergy.

High Protein Diet .

Calcium Rich Diet .

Low Potasium  Diet.

Pediatric Consultations to manage weight, growth and development.


Practise Groups And Affiliations

  • Affiliations -

  • Medical Education Masters in Food & Nutrition from C.C.S. University, India