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Abhibhawak Prati Samarpit

Annual and ongoing care for our elderly parents and guardians.


  • Quarterly: Health at Home
  • Bi-Annual: Educational and Social Interaction Sessions Standard Laboratory Tests-Mediciti @ Home Basic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Annual: Comprehensive Health Check Up Greetings on Special Days
  • 24 X 7: Emergency Response

Abhibhawak Prati Samarpit is a dedicated effort to ensure that our loving parents continue to get the personal care & comfort even when there isn't someone to look after their well being, in person. It is a combined effort of providing ongoing care, regular checkup & assistance for various lifestyle related educational.  We understand the need of a consistent medical & lifestyle support for parents after a certain age. Also the attempts to have a yearly checkup for regular screening of various diseases.


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