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Center for ENT-Head & Neck Surgery

About Otolaryngology (ENT)

The department of Otolaryngology (ENT)-Head and Neck Surgery at Mediciti, Nepal specializes in the evaluation and state-of- the-art treatment of patients with ear, nose, throat disorders; voice and swallowing disorders; and cancers and non-malignant conditions of the head and neck, like thyroid and Parotids and voice box, upper food passage, oral tumors and cancers. The Head and Neck Surgery team is multidisciplinary to ensure that each patient receives well-coordinated care by specialists in head and neck surgery, radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology,plastic and reconstructive surgery, and other appropriate specialties, as well as healthcare professionals in speech and swallowing, nutrition, and other areas.

The team experts are always there to provide the ultimate care in the field. For people with suspected or known hearing loss, we provide complete hearing evaluation, and auditory rehabilitation (therapy that helps hearing-impaired patients improve their ability to communicate through speech reading and auditory training).


About Otolaryngology (ENT) Technology

We offer the entire spectrum of services, providing patients with convenient; quot;one-stop shopping& quot; for their care that too at the comparable and affordable costs.

As a leader in the ENT-Head and Neck Surgery, we provide patients with the latest, most effective treatments using the most advanced technologies, for instance Lasers, ultrasonic cutting machines, nerve monitors and navigation systems to name the few.

About Otolaryngology (ENT) Key Procedures

The department of ENT-HNS provides:

- Medical and surgical treatment for all types of ear, nose and throat disorders.
- Management of head & neck conditions, including advanced cancers in coordination with the
   medical and radiation oncologists
- Medical and surgical management of nasal and sinus diseases
- Medical and surgical management of voice and their disorders, voice changing surgeries and
  swallowing disorders, as well as rehabilitation services.

- Management of hearing loss and balance disorders, as well as auditory rehabilitation services
(speech reading, auditory training, and conversational techniques)
- Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face


Dr. Toran KC


Dr. Toran KC is the Head of Department at the Department of ENT- Head & Neck Surgery at Nepal Mediciti. He has done his MS Otorhinolaryngology from AIIMS, New Delhi, India and FICS. He is forme....

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Dr. Chandan Baranwal


Dr. Chandan Baranwal completed his 4 years fellowship from the Internationally reputed College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan in 2014. Since, then he had been working as a full-timer at C....

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Dr. Sujan Singh Chhetri


Dr. Sujan Singh Chhetri completed his post graduation magna cum laude from Manipal College of Medical Sciences. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Dr. Chhetri is sk....

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