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About Diagnostic Medicine

Equipped with a 128 slice Seimens CT scanner, 3 Tesla Seimens Magnetom Skyra MRI, Digital Radiography system, Fluroscopy system, Multiple Ultrasound machines and a Seimens Digital subtraction angiography system, department of Radiology at Nepal Mediciti is providing state of the art service in field of diagnostic and interventional radiology in the country. The department consists of pioneers in Radiology with 6 full timer radiologists and 2 radiology residents. 


Vision of the Radiology department are:

A department where radiologist work collaboratively with the clinicians for better management of the patients.

A department where, radiologist, technicians, administrative, nursing and other supporting staffs are accountable towards one another, patients and the hospital.

A Department where each member is encouraged to excel in there respective field and are motivated to act as a proficient service provider, educator, involve in research or in administration.


About Diagnostic Medicine Technology

Digital Radiography

Higher image quality with a minimal patient-to-detector distance resulting in decreased magnification

Battery-free, flexible detector positioning anywhere in the room

Intuitive syngo FLC user interface with clearly arranged functions

Supports automated DICOM import of RIS patient data and examination information



Last image hold

Fluoro cine loop

Radiography mode



Stellar detector: full electronic integration, TrueSignal technology significantly reduces noise and cross-talk. Instead of increasing dose, it makes more efficient use of the initially available quanta per voxel.

Straton tube with z-sharp: direct anode cooling eliminate the need for heat storage

SAFIRE (Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction): Low dose imaging with raw-data based iterative reconstruction. Raw data (or sinogram data) utilized in the iterative image improvement process. With this, SAFIRE can achieve a radiation dose reduction of up to 60%.



Total Imaging Matrix + Day Optimizing Throughput- upto 30% higher productivity

Quiet Suite

Composing syngo

Flow Quantification

Argus Flow

Advanced WARP

NeuroPerfusion Evaluation

DTI Package

Advanced Diffusion

Arterial Spin Labeling3D


Spectroscopy Package



Full field digital mammography system

Routine screening and diagnostic mammography

Stereotactic breast biopsy.




Portable x-ray



About Diagnostic Medicine Specialist


About Diagnostic Medicine Key Procedures

CT Scan: CT scan of all systems including trauma series and angiography are done 24/7. Our department performs about 10-20 CT coronary angiograms per month. Cerebral and peripheral angiograms are performed routinely. We have large volume of oncological imaging in our center.


MRI: We perform MRI of all system, including whole body MRI. Apart from brain and spine musculoskeletal MRI are second highest in number. Abdominal and pelvic MRI including MRI of rectum, prostate, defecogram, adnexal pathology are common in the department. We also frequently perform MRI Breast .


Ultrasound: High number of ultrasound of all systems including Doppler studies are performed on daily basis. Common Doppler examinations include Renal, Carotid, Peripheral Venous, Arterial and AV fistula screening.


Fluroscopic Examinations: We perform all sort of fluroscopic procedures in the department, including Barium GI series, Urological studies like micturiting cystourethrography, Retrograde urethrography, Antegrade Urography, Hepato-biliary studies like Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiograms, T- tube cholangiograms. We also frequently perform Fluroscopy guided tube placements in the depertment.


Interventional Radiology: We perform all sort of vascular and non vascular interventions in the department. All sort of Ultrasound guided, CT guided, Mammography or Fluroscopy guided FNAC, biopsies, tube placements, drainage are common procedures. We also perform image guided microwave ablation in the department. We perform vascular interventions like embolization, venoplasties, stenting, diagnostic angiographies in the department. We have plans to start stroke intervention in the department in near future.



Dr. Ram K Ghimire


Dr Ram K Ghimire is the Head of the Department of radiology at the department of Radiology. He has done diploma in medical radiodiagnosis and Masters in radiodiagnosis from Institute of Medicine, T....

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Dr. Om Biju Pant


Dr. Om Biju Pant is working as Clinical Associate in the department of Interventional Radiology at Nepal Mediciti. He has completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Institute of Medi....

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