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About Endocrinology, Wellness and Internal Medicine

The Department of Endocrinology, Wellness and Internal Medicine with its mission to promote health by providing state of the art expertise from experienced proficient medical professionals, and to prevent diabetes and its complications through Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) which includes patient education, professional training and treatment, has set its vision to become the best medical service provider in Nepal by delivering quality health care with compassion, and Reduce Diabetes complications by setting up a system of shared care and cooperation with different specialties that will benefit patients in the long term.

Endocrinology is concerned with a full range of glandular problems and related conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, hormonal disorders, bone diseases, and problems related to nutritional and metabolic diseases. Thus the department is specialized in providing holistic care incorporating diagnostic and therapeutic aspects in all the above maladies, whereas Wellness aims in providing preventive medicine with the possibility of a whole range of diverse health packages specially tailored for individuals following consultations with the specialists and with the provision of relevant referrals and follow up with the concerned health professional(s) and experts at our Institution where necessary, on the other hand Internal Medicine plays the primary role of this unit by providing primary medical care for the whole hospital, as they works closely with all other specialists, nurses and other staff to provide thoughtful, safe, collaborative and effective medical care, with the scope to provide General Medical care as well as consultative services for patients requiring surgery in-patients from other departments of the hospital.


Dr. Suman Baral


Dr. Suman Baral is a Consultant in the Department of  Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Nepal Mediciti Hospital. After MBBS from MCOMS Pokhara, he did his MD (Internal Medicine) from T....

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Dr. Sandeep Jha


Dr. Sandeep Jha  is a Consultant in the Department of Internal Medicine at Nepal Mediciti Hospital. He completed his MD (Internal Medicine) 2014 . He also holds the FCPS degree from Philippine....

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