Nepal Mediciti, The first NABH accredited hospital in Nepal
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A private hospital in Nepal has been assessed and found to comply with National Accreditation Board for Hospitality and Health Care Providers(NABH). The CEO of NABH, Dr.Harish Nadkarni handed over the certificate to the Chairman Dr. Upendra Mahato and Managing Director of Nepal Mediciti, Dr. Samata Prashad in the presence of PM KP Sharma Oli, Brahmagyani Bal Guru Aditya and other dignitaries.  

Nepal Mediciti has organized an event in Soaltee Crown Plaza, Kathmandu to commemorate the handover ceremony of the certificate of NABH accreditation granted to Nepal Mediciti for its Quality service in healthcare sector.  PM KP Oli was the chief guest of the ceremony where he shared his confidence in building Nepal has a international medical hub given the favorable weather and landscape. He also stressed the need for govt hospitals to collaborate with private hospitals to provide quality health services for all. He stated that Mediciti has established a benchmark in quality care with this accreditation for the first time in Nepal. He also expressed his wishes to various other sectors of the country to obtain such international quality standards to showcase and garner recognition of Nepalese expertise in global arena.

Nepal Mediciti Hospital is providing world-class quaternary care facility with multiple Centers of Excellence. It combines the finest medical minds and advanced technology to provide holistic treatment within a Multi-Disciplinary Framework. Nepal Mediciti aspires to evolve as the health-care destination of choice in South Asia.

Nepal Mediciti Hospital has been listed in the list of global hospitals from Nepal to receive NABH. It has become successful in standing out as the first and only National Accreditation Board for Hospitality and Health Care Providers(NABH)

Today, Nepal Mediciti has been dedicated to the nation's service as a hospital with the management of manpower, the world-class technology, the right-handling infrastructure and international standards. Indeed, it has become a proud institution for nation and its health sector.

NABH - National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers, ensures improvement of quality of healthcare service in Indian Subcontinent through various methodologies and tools to supplement the efforts of healthcare service providers.  NABH is a robust, accessible and competent Organization to enhance efficiency and the predictability of healthcare outcomes.

NABH provides the guarantee of health service available at the Indian sub-continent and globally, hospitals and healthcare providers, by monitoring various methods and methods in various ways and ways to provide healthcare services.

As a world-class organization for the health and healthcare of the healthcare and health workers,  NABH also maintains safety and safety services of the hospital and healthcare providers.

NABH has organized its programs from the method of internal and external assessment by taking national attention and programs by focusing on the quality of the patient's safety and quality of health, by focusing on national and international standards and practices.

NABH is the member of International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA) and executive committee of Asian Society for Quality in Healthcare (ASQUA). Isaac accredited the 12th member countries of the UK, Australia, Canada, as well as the accreditation program of the World Health Organization organizations. Recently, only 592 of the 17,000 hospitals in India have awarded NABH only. Nepal has been recognized for it for the first time after Malaysia.

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