Gynaecology Services

Gynaecology Services

Gynaecology Services

  1. Well women clinic- Screening for cancers and other diseases

  2. General gynaecology clinic -Treatment for menstrual disorders, genital infections

  3. Family planning clinic -Contraception service

  4. Menopause Clinic –  For the special needs of Menopausal women

  5. PCOS clinic-  For the management of PCOS in holistic manner

  6. Endometriosis clinic -  For the management of Endometriosis

  7. Urogynecology clinic – For the urinary problems of women including pelvic organ prolapse

  8. Cancer clinic- For the gynaecological cancers

  9. Adolescent clinic - For the problems of adolescent girls

  10. Fertility Clinic -For the couples with fertility issues